How To Proceed With iPhone Water Damage Repair?

When one recently bought a new iPhone, it is a moment of panic when the iPhone falls in the water and has some damage. The first step anybody would do is to go on the internet and look at some quick fixes. One could try many solutions before going to the nearest phone service center, which could save them loads of money. Some of these fixes are very random, and they seem to be working for the mass. These are usually steps taken for the iPhone water damage repair.

Immediate steps to consider 

  • It is essential to retrieve the device if it falls into water or other liquid. Damage is more likely to occur if the exposure to liquid continues for an extended period. Plugin and charging devices should not be touched if they are wet.
  • If the external parts of the phone have water on them, wipe them with a soft cloth. Towels and clothes with no lint are preferred, but any absorbent cloth or towel will do. Don’t use paper products like napkins and paper towels. It is not recommended to dry the device by pressing buttons or using fans or blow dryers as each of these methods will move the water even deeper into the machine.
  • The battery, SIM card, and other external items connected to the phone should be removed if possible. This is a crucial step in iPhone water damage repair.
  • Place the phone upside down on a towel so that any internal liquid can drip out while it’s open as far as possible without loosening screws.
  • The liquid can also be sucked up using a vacuum extension. This should, however, be done sparingly, at least a few inches away from the water-damaged iPhone.
  • It’s recommended that one leaves the iPhone on the towel for 24 hours before using it.


In most cases, warranties only cover manufacturer defects, and accidental damage such as cracked screens and liquid damage voids them. If one’s iPhone has been in contact with liquid, they could be forced to pay for an upgrade, a new phone, or an iPhone repair.