Panel Discussion: Writing Beyond Genres and Borders

Panel Discussion - Writing Beyond Genres and Borders.png

What does it mean to write beyond genres and borders? Writing is all about transcending barriers, bringing people together, building bridges of communication between people of different cultures, ethnicities, sexualities, ideologies. This is a panel about writing but it is also about making connections between writing and performing, writing and producing, and writing about immigration, about marginalized voices and the society of here and now. Join our speakers for an insightful journey into different approaches to writing, especially writing for performance from a variety of perspectives; the writer’s, the director’s, the performer’s, the producer’s. Join us for a transcendental approach to artistic creation.

Panel Discussion: Writing Beyond Genres & Borders will take place at 2pm in the Boardroom and will be held by, Evi Stamatiou, Tessa Hart & Georgia Christou at this year’s North London Literary Festival on the 16th March.

In order to guarantee a seat for this event, please rsvp via Eventbrite.

The North London Literary Festival is a free event and open to students, faculty and members of the public. 

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