25th of March; Acclaimed novelist, Charles Palliser!

North London Literary Festival  are delighted to introduce the acclaimed novelist, Charles Palliser as our replacement keynote speaker Charles Palliser. An award-winning novelist with a successful international career, Charles will join us in our conclusion for 2015’s North London Literary Festival as he tells us all about his career, creative work and process.

Charles Palliser has published five works of fiction including the historical novels The Quincunx (1989), The Unburied (1999) and Rustication (2013). He has written plays for BBC radio and the stage. Before becoming a full-time writer in 1990 he taught literature and creative writing in universities in the UK and the USA.

He studied English Literature and Language in Oxford University and was awarded the B. Litt in 1975 for a dissertation on modernist fiction.Charles Palliser

He has published novels that have been translated into a dozen languages. He has also written for the theatre, radio and television. In 1991, The Quincunx was awarded the Sue Kaufman prize for First Fiction by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, which is given for the best first novel published in North America. The Unburied was nominated for the 2001 international IMPAC Dublin Literary Reward.


The North London Literary Festival is a free event and open to students, faculty and members of the public. 

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