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25th of March; Children’s Books Mara Bergman

We are delighted to present children’s author Mara Bergman on 25th March at the Literary Festival. Listen to her speak about children’s books and the children’s publishing industry. 

Mara Bergman

Mara BergmanMara Bergman was born in New York and grew up there until she moved to England in 1983 and began working at Walker Books as a children’s publisher. Since then, Bergman has published several different children’s literature, such as her most popular and famous: ‘Nick Mack’s Good Luck’ and ‘Sylvie Seahorse’.

As well as being a successful children’s writer, Bergman has also always had a passion for poetry and is a prize-winning, published poet. Her poetry is exceptionally widespread to the point where he has had various poems translated in different languages, and has also had them published widely in literary magazines.




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North London Literary Festival 2015 looks forward to hosting Mara Bergman as she discusses her successful career as a children’s writer.

All festival events are free and open to all: students, staff and the public.


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