24th of March; Speculative Fiction Authors Stephanie Saulter and Aliette de Bodard, chaired by Farah Mendlesohn

On Tuesday 24th of March, join us at 5:30pm at a special event sponsored by the Science Fiction Foundation.

Stephanie Saulter, author of GemSigns and Binary and Aliette de Bodard, author of the forthcoming The House of Shattered Wings will be part of a discussion on Speculative Fiction. The panel will be chaired by Farah Mendlesohn, Professor of Literary History and head of department for English, Communication, Film and Media at Anglia Ruskin. Farah has served on a range of science fiction and fantasy juries including the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the James Tiptree Jr. Award, and the John W. Campbell Award.


Stephanie Saulter

Stephanie SaulterHaving graduated with a combined degree in Literature and Anthropology from MIT, Stephanie has done many things that don’t necessarily correlate. She has worked as a real estate developer, restaurant manager, corporate executive and public policy work. She is also, the founder of the Scriptopus interactive website for writing short fiction. Born in Jamaica, currently residing in England, Stephanie is the author of the ‘R’-Evolution science-fiction series, which include ‘Gemsigns’ and ‘Binary’. The third book of this series, titled ‘Regeneration’, is due to be released sometime in 2015.

‘Binary’ is now out in the UK & Commonwealth. It’s the sequel to ‘Gemsigns’, which has also been published in the US. I like to think they’re literary science fiction, but you can make your own mind up. This is where I talk about what I’m working on, ask your opinion, and generally think out loud. In 2010 Stephanie launched the Scriptopus interactive web app to make it easier for all writers, including her, to spend at least 15 minutes a day making stuff up. A year after that she wrote her first novel, ‘Gemsigns’.  If you want to know more about the Scriptopus, do read the story here.

A more extensive biography is available here.

Aliette De Bodard 

Aliette De BodardWriter of fantasy and science fiction (and the very occasional horror piece). Aliette has won two Nebula Awards, a Locus Award, A BSFA Award, as well as a Writers of the Future. She has also been a finalist for the Hugo, Sturgeon and Tiptree Awards. Her new novel, ‘The House of Shattered Wings’ is also due for release later this year. All about “Fallen angels, Vietnamese immortals and entirely too many dead bodies, in a Paris devastated by the Great Magicians’ War”, according to Aliette’s website.

As a Franco-Vietnamese, Aliette has a strong interest in Ancient Vietnam and Ancient China, and will gladly use any excuse to shoehorn those into her short or long fiction. Her Aztec mystery-fantasies, ‘Servant of the Underworld’, ‘Harbinger of the Storm’ and ‘Master of the House of Darts’, are published worldwide. Her short fiction has appeared in a number of venues, such as Interzone, Clarkesworld Magazine, Asimov’s and The Year’s Best Science Fiction.


A more extensive biography is available here.

Farah Mendlesohn

Farah MendelsohnPreviously a Reader in Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature in the Media Department at our very own Middlesex University, Farah is now the Head of Department for English, Communication, Film and Media in Cambridge. She will return to the Middlesex University campus, to conclude the first full day of workshops, talks and festival fun on Tuesday 24th of March at 5:30pm.

Farah’s own career spans both academic and literary circles. In 2005 she won the Hugo Award for Best Related Work for ‘The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction’, co-edited with historian Edward James. She also won the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) award for ‘Rhetorics of Fantasy’,  winning for best non-fiction book of 2009, with multiple nominations elsewhere including the World Fantasy Award.

As an active science fiction fan, prolific writer and enthusiastic support of Science fiction conventions, as well as director of programmes for sci-fi conventions also, we can think of no-one better to host this panel. A more extensive biography can be found here. 

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North London Literary Festival 2015 looks forward to hosting Farah Mendlesohn’s return to chair Aliette de Bodard and Stephanie Saulter as they discuss the Speculative Fiction genre. If you would like to start your path to writing a novel in a year, as Stephanie did, why not come here her speak at the North London Literary Festival? You can also get involved with our very own writing competition, more information here. 

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