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24th of March; Curtis Brown Literary Agent: Norah Perkins

We are pleased to welcome Curtis Brown Literary Agent Norah Perkins, to the Literary festival. Hear her talk about the publishing industry and what she looks for in potential manuscripts.

Norah PerkinsNorah Perkins joined one of the most famous and influential Literary Agents Curtis Brown in May 2013 after four years as the managing editor at the independent publisher Canongate Books. She is part of the New Writing Team at Curtis Brown.

Media and publishing are amongst the most popular career choices for graduates, yet often these industries can seem like a closed shop for those who don’t already have experience or contacts. Curtis Brown agency also offer many opportunities for bright and energetic first-timers to discover what publishing agencies are all about. Their paid internships give young literary talent and enthusiasts the chance to work with agents and their assistants to gain hands-on experience of literary and talent agenting, publishing and the media.


Curtis Brown is one of the world’s leading literary and talent agencies, representing authors, playwrights, film and television writers and directors, theatre directors and designers, television and radio presenters and actors. They have strategic alliances with agencies all over the World and a thriving partnership with world renowned US literary agents, ICM Books.

In addition to their highly successful books, actors, presenters, theatre and television departments, Curtis Brown have a film production arm (CUBA Pictures), run an innovative series of creative writing courses (Curtis Brown Creative), and an industry leading translation rights department which has an international network of co-agents in addition to its ICM co-venture.

Curtis Brown agency was instrumental in establishing the reputations of several British and American writers, including John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Norman Mailer, C P Snow, Angus Wilson, Lawrence Durrell, Gerald Durrell, Kingsley Amis and Isaiah Berlin.

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So head down to the North London Literary Festival on Tuesday 24th of March, to get ahead of the curve, by speaking to Curtis Brown agent Norah Perkins. Norah will be on hand to her talk about the publishing industry, her experience and what she looks for in potential manuscripts.

All festival events are free and open to all: students, staff and the public.



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