Workshop: Make Your Own Book


Make your own book workshop, will bring to the North London Literary Festival a new approach to your creativity. The workshop will teach you binding technics and some knowledge for you to construct your own editions at home. During the workshop you will be doing manually with the appropriate materials a sample book to take home. Henrique Lagarto will give the workshop, both days of the festival with the following program:

Make your own book

Introduction- Table of contents

1 -Anatomy of a book

Graphic techniques for printing, a small approach:

1 – Prepare book pages to print
2 – Arrange the signatures
3 – Some technical knowledge

Produce “Make” a book of soft cover:

1 – Folding pages
2 – Prepare the signatures
3 – Punch the signatures
4 – Sewing the signatures
5 – Binding
6 – Paste the Spine
7 – Paste the cover

A limited number of open spots will be available on the day or booking at

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