The Sandpit

Open to everyone The SANDPIT is a chance to explore the changing face of games & literature. Running from 2pm – 4:30pm on Thursday 3rd of April on the First Floor Mezzanine in the College Building.

North London Literary Festival 2014 invites you to join us in having a hands-on experience of how interactive storytelling within games are becoming increasingly sophisticated. An innovative blend of play, creation and narration is a strong theme throughout the two-day festival, which is to feature competitions, workshops, including a ‘make your own book’ session, and readings from the prolific cast of authors. Leading game designers Ed Stern of Splash Damage and Holly Gramazio will be taking us on a story journey through video games at the North London Literary Festival at 2:30pm on 3 April 2014. The Sandpit will compliment this talk by providing the opportunity for attendees to try out the games on a range of consoles. Games such as ‘Thomas was Alone’, ‘Dear Esta’, ‘Assassin’s Creed IV’, ‘Uncharted’, ‘The Novelist’ and many many more.. Including the recent release and multiple BAFTa award winning ‘The Last of Us’, including one for Best Story. Middlesex University senior lecturer in digital technologies Dr. Magnus Moar said: “The gaming narrative platform is a fantastic idea. A great opportunity for people to become aware of the way that games are evolving, how they are changing the concept of narrative and what it can be.”

We are excited to showcase an innovative blend of play, create and narration addressing the role of narrative and story construction through both the discussion on Gaming Narratives as well as The Sandpit.

So why not come and explore the changing face of literature through games at Thursday 3rd April 2.30pm on the 1st Floor Mezzanine – College Building.


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