2nd of April, 12PM: Two Minute Speed-Pitch


How to get two minutes face to face with a top literary agent.

The event begins with a workshop from the Luigi Bonomiagents, giving guidance on presentation, what works, what doesn’t and the areas you might be able to take your idea in. There will also be a chance to ask general questions about the role of an agent and the industry in general.

Any specific questions about your piece will be addressed in the face to face.

What you will need:

  • One sheet of A4 with an extract from your piece, roughly 200 – 300 words
  • One sheet outlining the idea – again 200 – 300 words
  • Something to edit your piece on, a laptop, tablet or mobile BUT the agent will only read paper. Printers will be available for student and staff of Middlesex University, but visiting guests are advised to bring hard copies.
  • Several copies of your contact details, business cards are good, but a printed piece of paper is acceptable.
  • Bring your manners with you. Getting this to run smoothly will require you to be polite if you are rejected, and to leave the table when the bell rings.

For full details of how to book your place on the workshop and speed pitch, contact Richard on the North London Literary Festival team on 07830 378071 or via email, the.difference@btinternet.com.  

To read about the agents you will be pitching to, click here.

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