Henrique Lagarto: Make your own book Workshop


Henrique Lagarto, 53 years old was born in Alentejo, Portugal. Art lover, and a creative mind, and an ex Rugby Wing is an avid Lisbon citizen, dedicated 35 years to several types of art, from Graphic Design to illustration, photography and comics. Working as a freelancer, developed a project of Publisher Editions for JoãoCutileiro,internationally recognisedsculptor, graduated from Slade School of Fine Art, London. Founded Escultores de Livros in 2012, along withManufactus Books, a project dedicated to create Personalised Handmade Note books in London.

The “You wrote the story, now make the book” workshop is dedicated to show and teach how to do manually your own biding book, giving the possibility to make your own publications with low cost material and a wide open range for your creative ideas.

“You have a perfect story, one that no one could imagine!!

The “supposedly” bad beat the “supposedly” good … etc., etc.!

You send it to a publisher …After several weeks of painful waiting.

Finally received you an email from the editor!!

The letter said:

Dear author, received his story with pleasure and gave us great satisfaction, but we thought,according to our editorial line, will have to make some changes. The story is well built, has good subject, good characters, good involvement … But try to understand , the publication of your story does not fit in our public sector.

If you considering in changing slightly the plot and cut a couple characters we may publish it and make it a Best seller.”

So what are you going to do??

Renegade your creativity masterpiece to please the system?

Don’t worry, we will teach you how to publish your own book!”

For Manufactum’s Facebook, click here, and for Escultores de Livros’ Facebook, click here.
Email Henrique Lagarto: hlagarto@gmail.com

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