3rd of April, 4pm: Sue Gee


Sue Gee grew up on a remote Devon farm, and in a village in Leicestershire, before moving to Surrey in 1960. These locations, and her parents’ time in India, feature in her new novel, Coming Home. She has lived in London all her adult life.  She ran the MA Writing Programme at Middlesex University from 2000-2008 and worked at University College, London, as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow in 2011.

Her novels include The Hours of the Night, winner of the 1995 Romantic Novel of the Year Award; Earth & Heaven (2000); Thin Air, shortlisted for the 2004 Romantic Novel of the Year Award; The Mysteries of Glass, longlisted for the 2005 Orange Prize, and Reading in Bed, a Daily Mail Book Club Selection in 2007. She has also published many short stories, some of which, like her play Ancient & Modern (2005), have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Her most recent novel is Coming Home.

At the North London Literary Festival she will be discussing how family history is informing her new work.

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