27th of March, 4.30pm: Poetry Slam

Poetry slam by Kate Dao

‘Do not be afraid of your own words!’

(Slammer is the one who transforms himself on the stage into his own words.) 

Poetry slam is a verbal battle between poets, all trying to outdo each other. It is open to anyone who thinks that has something to say and finds the courage to perform their own texts in front of an audience. The rules are simple: the contestants have three minutes to present their prepared (or completely improvised) pieces, and thus compete for the favour of the judges, that are chosen from the audience present. The competition puts emphasis on good imagery and original presentation.

The contestants must not use any props, costumes or musical instruments. Victory depends on each contestant to take their courage and words in both hands and come up with the original topic, content and form. Spontaneous, enthusiastic and critical reactions of an audience are the best feedback, and often even inconspicuous influence of the judges.

Unusual verses, unconventional recitations and contact with the audience defeats all the other boring literary parties. Love or social poetry, bittersweet personal confessions, or comic pieces – our poetry slam offers you all this and more! It is one of the things that makes our North London Literary festival special.

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