27th of March, 1pm: Abimbola Dare

Bimbola Dare

Abimbola Dare commenced her writing career as a blogger in 2006. Her hilarious blog which documented the life of an immigrant learning to adjust to life in the UK soon became one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria at the time. In 2008, she took a maternity break-which essentially became an opportunity for her to write her first Inspirational (christian) novel, ‘The Small Print’. Having sought for, and finding no Christian fiction publisher in the UK, she decided to establish her own company. ‘The Small Print’ was released in 2011 and became one of the best selling e-books in Religious romance genre on Amazon UK-for more than six months.  For a self published author in a relatively unknown genre within the UK, the success of ‘The Small Print’ was a welcomed surprise and driver for exploring a niche with potential for massive growth. She has written a number of short stories, including the hugely popular, ‘The No-nonsense wife’ which instantly became an internet sensation.  In January 2013, she was nominated as author of the year by the Women4Africa panel, alongside fellow Nigerian author, Chibundu Onuzo. Her second novel, ‘When Broken Chords Sing’, will be released in May, 2013. She has been featured in major newspapers and magazines across Nigeria, and juggles novel writing with working full time for one of the largest publishing firms in the world.

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