27th of March, 2pm: Lucy Caldwell

© Tom Routh
© Tom Routh

Lucy Caldwell was born in Belfast in 1981. She has written two novels, Where They Were Missed (2006) and The Meeting Point (2011) which won the Dylan Thomas Prize. Lucy has previously won the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and was recently shortlisted for the BBC International Short Story Award. She is also an award-winning playwright.

Praise for The Meeting Point by Lucy Caldwell

‘A beautifully written novel that manages to address the momentous subjects of love and loss, and faith and betrayal, with a calm and quiet grace.’ Sunday Times

Beautifully written, The Meeting Point is a passionate, sensitive exploration of the lies that make family life possible and the compromises contained in every expression of love.’ Financial Times

‘A skilful piece of craftsmanship with an emotional charge that is both cathartic and moving. It will stay with you.’ Independent

‘Compulsively readable. Its technical accomplishment, incrementally raising suspense, involving us in its characters’ desires and designs, attests to Caldwell’s skills as a playwright.’ Guardian

‘Beautifully controlled and finely crafted work.’ Daily Mail

‘Cleverly constructed plots, well-drawn settings and slick sentences.’ Daily Telegraph 

‘This gripping novel deals with love, friendship and the devastating power of religion.’ Prima

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