27th of March, 5.30pm: Faber and Faber

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On Wednesday the 27th of March, the second day of North London Literary Festival, Faber Academy will chair a panel on how to get published. We have had a look at how it all started as a warm up for this exciting event. Faber How to Get Published panel will consist of Clare Conville (Literary Agent at Conville & Walsh), Angus Cargill (Senior Editor, Faber & Faber) and will be chaired by Richard Skinner (Author and Director of Fiction Programme, Faber Academy). 

In 1929, together with T.S.Eliot, Frank Morley, Richard De La Mare and Charles Stewart. Geoffrey Faber opened the publishing company Faber and Faber. Although there was only ever one Faber, he named it twice – he said it sounded better.

From the beginning, the company covered a wide range of genres including poetry, biographies, memoirs, fiction, political and religious essays, art and architecture, monographs, children’s books and pioneering ecology.

Faber’s success continues: the company has published 12 Nobel Laureates and six Booker Prize-winners, and more recently have set a brilliant example for writing in the future through Faber Digital. So far it has published different book-related apps for the iPhone and iPad. One of their apps The Waste Land for iPad was their second collaboration with Touch Press which followed the Solar System for iPad which did win the Futurebook Award for Digital Innovation at the Book Industry Awards in 2011.

For nearly 100 years Faber has never stopped surprising the public; they are able to capture the essence of great literature and spread it for all to enjoy.

Via its groundbreaking creative writing school, the Faber Academy, Faber will be sharing some exclusive and important tips about the world of publishing, so come along and grab a seat and get ready to learn the best ways to get published.

You can find out more about the Faber Academy by following @faberacademy on Twitter, or visiting faberacademy.co.uk

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