JAMES HERBERT, OBE 1943 – 2013

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James Herbert OBE 1943 – 2013

The North London Literary Festival is greatly saddened by the news that James Herbert passed away this morning. We were all extremely delighted when James Herbert agreed to being part of our festival and are still honoured that he was to be our keynote speaker. We offer his family our deepest condolences.

Festival updates to follow.

We are happy to announce our keynote speaker: MacMillan’s James Herbert, award winning horror author of ‘Ash’ and ‘The Secret of Crickley Hall’, 

By Lucy Danby

James Herbert is one of the leading horror writers of our time with over forty-two millions copies sold worldwide.

Herbert’s first passion in life was not writing, but painting and drawing.  At 16 he pursued this passion by joining the Hornsey College of Art. Here he studied graphic design, print and photography, and soon found work in advertising.  Herbert worked to the top in the advertising world where he became Art Director and Group Head. After conquering his first passion by the age of 28, James set out to conquer another, and after ten months of hard work he produced The Rats, which was only the beginning of an amazing career. Herbert, however, never ignored his drawing and painting talent and designs his own book covers.

In the last thirty years Herbert has produced some of the most gripping and powerful tales. His ability to connect the reader to the protagonist is a gift. For example in Creed, the protagonist is not the easiest character to relate to, but it only takes a short while to fall in love with him.

From his first novel The Rats written in 1974 to his latest work Ash in 2012 Herbert has continued to stay as Britain’s best-selling thriller and horror writer and in 2010 was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire).

Herbert has written twenty three novels, six short stories, two non-fiction stories and one graphic novel. Also there have been four amazing film adaptations of The Survivor, Fluke, Haunted and Deadly Eyes (The Rats adaptation). The Rats was also adapted in to a computer game in 1985. The Magic Cottage was made in to a BBC 4 Dramatisation and The Secret of Crickley Hall was made in to a three part series for the BBC.

As we creep up to James Herbert’s 40th year of writing we cannot deny that Herbert has become an important influence on the horror/thriller genre. His creativity seems endless and he always keeps his audience wanting more.

Having the honour not only to meet James Herbert but be able to ask him some of the most challenging questions you can think of is a great opportunity for most people so make sure you take this chance because it may not come around again.

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